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Aquasport International is dedicated to the development of the technical skills and competitive ability of European surf lifesaving competitors. Each year a wide range of athletes attend our sessions and whilst many just want to be involved (perhaps their children compete or they want to stay in shape) or they want to race in nipper, youth, open or masters competition, many have gone on to race internationally and have won medals at European and world championships.

Our sessions are generally targeted toward the August national championships or International competitions at the end of the northern hemisphere summer but also include year-round sessions for the more serious. The program has been developed both through a combination of my own training and racing through 40 years of surf lifesaving, triathlon and endurance ocean sports competition, combined with my experience of coaching national teams and on a personal level, as being a coached athlete.

These programs may be used in some facet to assist individuals who are looking to improve their skill or follow remotely a training plan that is already being implemented in a group structure.

I ask that this program be used for personal use only and not to be distributed in any form without prior approval from Aquasport International.

Please direct any queries in relation to these programs to Woody at Aquasport International; alternatively new members can access this information by following the  Aquasport Training page on FACEBOOK 

or subscribing to the website via the following link 



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