• The SOLID Snow & Skate Rack is an ideal product for anyone who requires a SOLID storage system for their expensive sporting equipment.

    It will horizontally hold 4 snowboards, skateboards, sets of snow skis, wake-boards, water skis or any combination not exceeding the 17kg weight limit per 2 horizontal supports.

    The SOLID Snow & Skate Rack is a versatile and multi-functional system which can also be installed for vertical storage if required, allowing installation to suit your individual storage needs.

    It is a shallow version of our SOLID 8 Rack and has the clearance to stow your snowboard without having to detach its bindings.

    The SOLID Snow & Skate Rack will maximise precious storage space in your home, garage or lodge.



    Dimensions: Single: 740mm H x 80mm W x 303mm (from back board to tip of foam dowel)

    Material: HMR Particle Board Backing, ABS Edging, Timber Dowels, Foam Tubing 

    (N.B. For internal use only)

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