• The SOLID 2 Rack Set is a multifunctional addition to the SOLID Racks range and works in three different ways:

    • As a stand-alone. Installed independently as a stand-alone rack, this SOLID baby will hold 4 boards vertically or 2 horizontally and can be double-loaded when stowing boards with detachable fins.
    • As an expansion for Wall-Mounted Rack Systems - The SOLID 2 Rack Set can be used to expand any SOLID wall-mounted racks to create additional vertical or horizontal storage space.



    Dimensions: 365mm L x 80mm W x (450mm D from base to tip of foam dowels) x 33mm thick back board. 140mm between foam dowels.

    Material: HMR Particle Board Backing, ABS Edging, Timber Dowels, Foam Tubing 

    (N.B. For internal use only)

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