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Our new Fuel Dock™ is the hydration station you’ve always wanted for those long prone paddles, but had to rig up yourself. No more cutting up surf fins or trips to the bike shop for overpriced cages. Now all you have to do is pick an angle for your bottles, because the Fuel Dock™ allows customizable positions. Mount them low for maximum visibility, or mount them high for max drain-ability. Mount them in the middle (as shown) and be the Goldilocks of the sea, if that’s your thing. You can mount one side high, the other low, and attach your GPS mount where it suits you.


The Fuel Dock™ is our own custom design, made from extremely durable high-density PE, and precision manufactured using CNC and laser cutting tech. Ten rounds of prototypes and months of testing with the Mile 22 team of endurance mules have resulted in the best fin box mount the prone world has ever seen. But wait, there’s more…


We’ve spent years trying out different bottle cages. The sport cage from our friends at Arundel is our favourite. They grip your bottles firmly for hectic trips through the surf zone. They’re made from rugged yet lightweight nylon, and two sets of mounting holes allow further customization for your bottle positions. With three angles on the mount, two sets of holes on the cages, and the ability to customize each side differently, there must be a hundred (or so?) possible positions. We suck at math, but... more positions than you need. *Cages come in black. (Blue/orange cages shown are for visibility.)


About those bottles… there are plenty out there, but the Sport Insulated from Polar Bottle™ is the original BPA-free insulated fuel tank. We like them best because they are very lightweight and because they let us put Mile 22 logos on them. More importantly, 24 refreshing ounces of your favourite beverage will stay cool TWICE as long because of Polar’s Tri-Layer™ insulation and heat reflective tech. Chill your bottles overnight, load ‘em up with 48 ounces of water or go-juice, and enjoy cool hydration for hours at sea. Cap comes vented for smooth flow.


What’s better than cool hydration on a long paddle, on a hot day? HANDS FREE hydration. Our bros at Polar are all buddied up with HydraPak™. Their Hydraflex™ Tube Kit comes installed on each bottle. These tubes are extra long (36”) but can be easily shortened for a custom fit on your deck. (We like ‘em at about 24-25” from bottom of bottle to bite.) Their high-flow Blaster™ bite valve self-seals cleanly after each sip, and features a twist on/off bar to prevent leakage when not in use. The non-kinking tube is made with taste-free TPU, keeping your beverage tasting fresh.


All hardware (included!) is high-polish stainless steel to combat the corrosive powers of salt water and elements. Comes with a finger-friendly no-tool mounting screw and plate, low profile mounting screws and lock-nuts for the cages, and even the roll pin that slides into the fin box track is 316 Stainless.


Every detail of the Fuel Dock™ system has been carefully thought out, with customization, ease of use and durability as our goals. It comes as a complete package; 1 mount, 2 cages, 2 bottles, 2 drink tubes with bite valves, hardware and some stickers! Light assembly required. Tools req: Phillips screwdriver, 11/32” (or adjustable) wrench, two fingers.


Don’t stay thirsty… stay hydrated, my friends! 


  • 2 x 24 oz BPA-free bottles

    1 mount,

    2 cages,

    2 drink tubes with bite valves,

    stainless steel hardware




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