• Features & Benefits

    *Packs to approx 30cm length & 20 cm wide & 8-10 cm high. depending on tightness of straps.

    Simply stuff the dryrobe in the bag, hood first, rollover & clip the top, undo the valve, squash all of the air out by kneeling on the dryrobe, (or using a vacuum cleaner), then pull the compression straps tight & re-seal the valve.

    Removing the air allows the straps to be utilised. The bag is not designed to be air tight or submersible, air will slowly re-enter the bag but it will remain extremely compact.

    This really works!

    Made from a robust waterproof nylon fabric with sealed seams throughout and a padded shoulder carry strap.

    Perfect for travel & packing dryrobe in a larger travel bag to save space

    Highly water resistant, *Not submersible.

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